Welcome to the Australia and New Zealand Conference on Optics and Photonics and welcome to Perth, Western Australia, and to the conference venue in the City of Fremantle, where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean. The 2013 meeting is a fresh take on a more than 30-year tradition of such meetings in Australia and New Zealand. The conference incorporates the Australian Optical Society Annual Meeting, the Australian Conference on Lasers and Spectroscopy and the Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology.  It will also include a satellite meeting on Rogue Waves and Extreme Events, a field closely associated with Nonlinear Optics.

The objective of the conference is to bring this large community of scientists and engineers closer together than ever before. While focussed on the Australian and New Zealand scientific communities, the meeting has always been strongly international and featured many international delegates. The OSA and SPIE presidents traditionally present invited papers – this year will be no exception, and the past plenary speakers include Nobel Laureates and those who have gone on to become so. This year’s speakers will not disappoint.

ANZCOP 2013 will feature four streams:
1. Atom, quantum and nonlinear optics, and optical spectroscopy
2. Optical materials and devices, including lasers, meta-materials, plasmonics, and nanophotonics
3. Optical sensors and imaging, including microscopy
4. Optical communications and photonic systems

Re-launching the conference under a new and united name affords us the opportunity to revisit the formats and themes of our meeting, to make them fresh and relevant to the present interdisciplinary world of science and engineering in which we find ourselves. I hope you will appreciate our efforts to build bridges between our specialisations and make new horizons accessible to you – please take the time to engage outside of your immediate specialty.

You will find Perth, Western Australia a fascinating place to visit, Fremantle a very agreeable conference location and the Science very vibrant. I hope you will be able to join us and play your part in making the 2013 ANZCOP meeting a vibrant success and a meeting to remember.